Links: Oleg is a world-renowned photographer, teacher and political activist who escaped from the USSR at a young age. He's used me as a model for a variety of images, that have appeared in regional and national publications. Gail Sanders is another photographer, and my mother. She does action shoots, events, forensics and is an Army combat photographer. This was my first movie role (at age 4), as one of many "Warrior Maidens" in leather armor with chakra and swords. My father is my agent and manager, and a successful internationally published author. Jessica is my webmistress and a fantasy artist who has sold work at several major science fiction conventions. I attend the Marcon science fiction convention every year. is our local science fiction convention, where I go to have fun over the summer. Pennsic is the SCA's largest re-enactment, held annually in August. My family portray Norse traders and I help sell, as well as competing for the Middle Kingdom in youth combat and archery competition.